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VSK Univerzita Brno, czech athletic club, Brno, Czech Republic

VSK Univerzita Brno is one of the best czech athletic clubs. In years 2014, 2015 and 2016 it won regular seasons of Czech Athletic Extraligue. Club members are children to adults including olympians.

The beginnings of sports activities of college students in Brno date back to 1904, when SK Moravská Slavia was founded. Most of the members were students of the Czech Technical University. After the First World War and after the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state, a lectorate for sports and games was set up at Masaryk University in 1918. In the renewed SK Česká technika further sections were being created, but SK was not enough to satisfy all the candidates, so in 1918 the Physical Education and Sports Department of the Technicians and the Sports Association of the University was divided. In the course of the next period and due to political changes, there was a period of peak bloom, but also a period when it was cruelly interrupted. The enthusiasm and dedication of Brno University teachers and coaches have always brought this academic sports organization to life and repeated sports development. After the Velvet Revolution and the provisions of the Czech Association of University Sports, Brno also faced new conditions when the university sport became a separate component in the organization of Czech physical education, at the same time changing the name from the University Physical Education Unity to the VSK Univerzita Brno. Masaryk University was the patron of the activity. In 2002, the guarantee of activity was transferred to the newly established Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University in Brno. Later, under the direction of Petr Kotyza, VSK Univerzita Brno became independent and began to raise athletes from children’s categories.


Athletes from VSK Univerzita Brno take part in major athletic events, including European Cross Country Championship, which was held in 2016 in portuguese Albufeira.

Member base

is around 1500 members, which makes the VSK Univerzita Brno one of the biggest sports clubs in the Czech Republic.

The manager of the club Petr Kotyza stands behind the great achievements and sports level of the VSK Univerzita Brno. He also successfully competed at athletic events.

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VSK Univerzita Brno – Athletics club

Winner of Czech Athletics Extraligue in years 2014, 2015, 2016

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