—01 Origin of muesli and oatmeals?


It is not a coincidence that one of the most famous propagators of oatmeals was Swiss doctor Maxmillian Bircher-Benner who used oatmeals with raw fruits and nuts as a basic means to heal patients, contrary to the beliefs commonly held at the end of the 19th century. He believed that raw fruits and vegetables held the most nutritional value than cooked and commercially processed foods. It took about a century for people to start recognizing these truths again.


“No preservatives – sweetened with fruits and organic coconut sugar”
—02 Our organic raw oatmels, how they differ?


Our organic raw gluten-free protein oatmeals are manufactured from high-quality ingredients with organic certification. Firstly, we carefully mill organic gluten-free oat flakes for better digestibility. Then we mix them with other ingredients of a powder consistency so it creates perfect texture. Lastly, we mix it with fruits, nuts and other ingredients depending individual flavor. Our organic raw gluten-free protein oatmeals are designed to be nutritionally balanced. It will give you a long time feeling of energy and satiety. With oatmeals you can start the metabolism of your body in the right way! TIP! You can prepare our oatmeal not just in a form of a porridge in a bowl, but with a bigger ratio of water or milk also in a shaker. That will guarantee you will always have a healthy snack at hand.


—03 Organic brown rice protein


We use protein from brown rice in organic quality which contains all 8 essential amino acids that body cannot produce itself. A big advantage of protein from brown rice is that it is hypoallergenic (suitable for allergic individuals). In contrast to animal proteins, it is a great choice for vegetarians and vegans, nevertheless, its amino acid profile is comparable to whey protein. Furthermore, it contains a favorable ratio of glutamine. Compared with other proteins, it is very well digestible. The brown rice protein is obtained during low-temperature, natural enzymatic procedure without a usage of any chemicals.



—04 Organic coconut sugar


Coconut sugar is obtained by hand-picking of nectar from flowers of coconut palms (Cocos nucifera), which grow in the natural ecosystem of Indonesia except for regions with depleted land. Nectar is afterward dried in villages of local inhabitants and gained crystals are unique delicacy with a slitghtly caramel taste. It has low glycemic index thanks to content of fiber-inulin. Lower GI means that if you eat the same portion of coconut and cane sugar, so after coconut sugar, your blood glucose level will rise slowly and the overall raise will be lower, therefore insulin level raise will be also lower and that finally leads to lower tendency of your body to store fat.


—05 Organic gluten-free oat flakes


We put into oatmeals only gluten-free certified oat flakes in organic quality from the supplier, who guarantees, that during their processing, they were not mixed with any other kinds of cereals. This is a very important information for people on a gluten-free diet. 




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