—01 Bars are made from ingredients of the highest quality, mostly with organic certification

They do not contain any preservatives, added sugar or any other added substances improving taste, scent or look.  We believe, that the best we can put in them, is what nature gives us in its unmodified form. That is why we choose raw processing. Raw or raw foodism is a type of processing, during which the temperature does not exceed 42°C. This way, the body gets as many necessary vitamins and enzymes for digestion as possible from high-quality ingredients. Digestion is one of the most important metabolism actions going on inside our body, especially for sportsmen. Lack of enzymes and bad digestion can have a serious effect on quality of your daily life as well as sports performance.

“No added sugar, no preservatives – sweetened with dates in organic quality.”
—02 No added sugar sweetened with fruits

The reason, why we do not add sugar into our bars and we sweeten them with fruit is very simple. Sugar in fruits is a completely natural source of energy for a human body and if you keep rational eating habits it is minimally stored into fat reserves. On the other hand, high consumption of added sugar is, together with other bad habits of modern life, one of the main reasons of diabetes or obesity in our developed civilization. If someone put in front of you heap of added sugar that you consume in a day, you would be very surprised. A surplus of sugar is stored in a form of glycogen reserves, which is important as a source of energy for a human body, especially for sports performances with a duration under 1 hour. Once the amount of glycogen exceeds the liver and muscle storage capacity, glucose starts spreading into our body in the form of fatty acids. And these fatty acids are stored in less active parts of our body, for example in a belly area.

—03 Superfoods

Sportif nutrition bars contain also so-called Superfoods. In our opinion, Superfoods can be defined as foods which contain high amounts of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients essential for proper functioning of our body. These substances participate in millions of biochemical actions inside us.

—04 alternative choice to conventional müsli and protein bars with low-quality sugar


The right choice of nutrition with enough time for recovery is a key point to achieve top sports results. Nowadays conventional müsli and protein bars are far from their initial purpose to be healthy and beneficial for sports performance. They contain huge amounts of different sugars and are lack of quality ingredients. That is the reason why we use high-quality organic certified ingredients and we sweeten protein bars with fruits. Due to its wide-ranging composition of natural ingredients, they can serve as an ideal meal replacement.


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