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Matúš Bubeník, Slovak athlete, high jump, Holíč, Slovakia
14. NOVEMBER 1989
Matúš Bubeník (* 14. NOVEMBER 1989, Hodonín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak athlete, who dominates high jump in his country. His top sports results are a silver medal from 2015 Summer univerzia in Gwangju, 5. place in 2017 European Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade and 35. place at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Matúš Bubeník is currently the most successful Slovak high jumper. He participates in the most prestigious athletic meetings where he competes with the greatest high jumpers in the world. His personal best is only 3 cm beyond the Slovak high jump record  of all time.

Except from above mentioned Matúš achieved 8. place in the European Athletics U23 Championships, 9. place in 2015 European Athletics Indoor Championships and participated in 2015 World Athletics Championships.


Personal bests

High jump 231cm


High jump

Medal record

Summer Universiade 
silver Gwangju 2015 high jump

Slovak Athletics Championships

gold 2014 high jump
gold 2015 high jump
gold 2016 high jump
gold 2017 high jump

Slovak Athletics Indoor Championships
gold 2014 high jump
gold 2016 high jump

Matúš Bubeník comes from a Slovakian region called Záhorí, but he spends most of his time in Brno, where he prepares for races and also graduated in Sports management at the Masaryk University.

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