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Jan Marcell, Czech athlete, discus thrower and shot putter, Brno, Czech Republic
4. JUNE 1985
Jan Marcell (* 4. JUNE 1985 Brno, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech athlete, discus thrower and shot putter. His top sports results are silver medal from the European Athletics U23 Championships, 10. place at 2015 World Athletics Championships in Beijing and start at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

In 2008 Jan Marcell represented Czech Republic at Olympic Games in Beijing where he ended up 16th. In September 2009 he set up a new personal best in discus throw to a mark of 64,83 in Opoli. Later he increased it up to 66 metres.

In August 2015 Jan Marcell nominated to start at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing, where he got the final and ended up taking 10th place with 19,69 m. In 2017 he won the Czech title in discus throw.

Personal bests

Shot put 20,20 m indoors (2010); 20,93 m outdoors (2014)
Discus throw 66,00 m (2011)


Discus throw

Shot put

Medal record

European Athletics U23 Chapionshipis
silver Debrecín 2007 discus throw

Czech Athletics Championships
silver 2008 discus throw
gold 2009 discus throw
silver 2010 discus throw
gold 2011 discus throw
gold 2011 shot put
gold 2014 shot put
silver 2015 shot put
bronze 2016 discus throw

Czech Athletics Indoor Championships

silver 2007 shot put
bronze 2008 shot put
gold 2011 shot put
gold 2012 shot put
silver 2014 shot put
gold 2015 shot put
bronze 2017 shot put

Jan Marcell graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Brno University of Technology. During the summer he combines discus throw with shot put. He spends most of his freetime with dogs and his girlfriend.

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Winner of Czech Athletics Extraligue in
2014, 2015, 2016


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