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Daniel Kotyza, Czech athlete, track and field 400m-5000m, Brno, Czech Republic
5. OCTOBER 2000
Daniel Kotyza (* 5. OCTOBER 2000, Brno, Czech Republic) is a young Czech athlete, who succesfully combines track running with cross country running and even road racing for a longer distances. His top sports result is except from 5 Czech titles 13. place at European Athletics U18 Championships in Tbilisi in 1500m.
Daniel Kotyza comes from a family of runners. He has been very successful since he has made his first steps on a track. He is a holder of 5 Czech titles. Daniel represents Czech Republic at international meetings and he is currently one of the most promising young stars in athletics.


Track and field 400-5000m

Medal record

Czech Athletics Championships
gold 2015 cross country
gold 2016 1500m track
gold 2017 1500m track

Czech Athletics Indoor Championships
gold 2017 1500m
gold 2017 3000m

Dan is a student of the Ludvík Daněk’s Sports Gymnasium in Brno. His couch is his father Petr Kotyza, who had been for many years competing in Czech Athletics Extraligue. 

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VSK Univerzita Brno – Athletics club

Winner of Czech Athletics Extraligue in
2014, 2015, 2016

Boskovice Hospital